Fully touchless sign-in and health screening solution

Faster, Safer Sign In with Accushield Mobile

With health safety in mind, the Accushield Mobile app provides a touchless sign-in and health screening solution. The app is designed for staff members and family/guest users to start the sign-in process before entering a senior living community. Capture consent form agreement, answer health screening questions, and provide COVID-19 vaccination status to generate a sign-in QR code to be scanned at the Accushield kiosk for a faster, contactless experience.

The Accushield Mobile app features:

  • QR Code Sign In
  • COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire
  • Agree to Consent Forms
  • Select if visiting a resident, staff, or attending an event

Stay informed of any possible contact issues and gain peace of mind knowing that your community is going the extra mile to keep everyone safe.

Accushield Mobile App

Features Unique to Senior Living

Available for staff & guests

The Accushield Mobile App is currently available in app stores (Apple & Google) to provide staff and family/guest users with a faster, contactless sign-in experience.

Touchless QR code sign in

The Accushield Mobile App allows staff members and family/guests to sign in, answer screening questions, and record a temperature without touching the kiosk.

Screening questionnaire

Before entering the community, staff members and family/guests can pre-answer your custom health screening questionnaire via Accushield Mobile.

Request vaccination status

Request the COVID-19 vaccination status of each staff member and family/guest who enters your facility. (This is an optional & configurable setting.)

Consent form acknowledgement

Require individuals using the App to accept an Informed Consent Form acknowledging they will adhere to the health safety protocols set by the community.

Health screening alerts

As with the kiosk user experience, community admins can receive health screening alerts if a mobile app user fails health screening questions or attempts to sign in with an elevated temperature.

Helping stop the spread of COVID-19 in communities

What is Accushield Mobile?

Accushield Mobile is a smartphone app that works in conjunction with your existing Accushield kiosk to provide a touchless sign-in experience for those who enter (and exit) your community/facility. With health safety in mind, the Accushield Mobile app offers a touchless sign-in and health screening solution designed to capture temperature, ask COVID-19 questions, and even request the COVID-19 vaccination status for staff members and family/guests who enter senior living communities and nursing homes.

Who can use Accushield Mobile?

Accushield Mobile is currently available for use by staff members and family/guests users, enabling touchless sign in and sign out at the Accushield kiosk. Additional Accushield kiosk user profiles will be added to the mobile app user experience soon.

When will the App be available?

The Accushield Mobile App is currently available for staff members and family/guest users and can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How can my staff members and family/guest users download the Accushield Mobile App?

The Accushield Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, community/facility can display a QR code at building entrances that will direct individuals to the app download page.

Will Accushield Mobile work with both Android and Apple phones?

Yes, Accushield Mobile will work with both Android and Apple phones.

What is the cost of using Accushield Mobile?

Scanner hardware cost

The scanner hardware is a one-time cost of $450.00 per device. The scanner comes with a 2-year warranty and connects directly to the back of the kiosk using a micro USB connection.

App download cost

There is no extra cost for an individual to download and use Accushield Mobile for a touchless sign-in experience at an Accushield kiosk.

How do we start using Accushield Mobile?

To enable Accushield Mobile for a touchless user experience, Accushield customers should follow these steps:

  1. Order a scanner for each kiosk that will be utilized for touchless sign in and sign out. Scanners can be ordered by filling out an order form here: QR Code Hardware Pre-order Form or by emailing mobile@accushield.com.
  2. Upon receiving your scanner, Accushield will enable Accushield Mobile and touchless sign in for your community or facility. Once enabled for Accushield Mobile, follow these instructions to setup your scanner.
  3. Individuals may install the app by searching for “Accushield Mobile” in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  4. Upon opening the app, individuals will be prompted to validate their mobile phone number by receiving a verification code text message.
  5. Note: Staff members must have their mobile phone numbers captured in their Staff Member Account in the Accushield Dashboard. Family/guest users will need to complete one manual kiosk sign in to get properly registered in the system.

Can I use Accushield Mobile without an Accushield Kiosk?

Unfortunately, no. Every community and facility should have a manual sign-in protocol because not all individuals will be able to sign in with an app. In addition, the Accushield kiosk is integrated with a touchless thermometer, name badge printer, and QR code scanner.

Are visitors required to download Accushield Mobile to sign in?

While this is recommended from an infection control perspective, we do realize that not everyone owns a smartphone. In the event the app can’t be downloaded, an individual can still use the kiosk manually to sign in.

Where is this data stored?

All data is securely stored and encrypted in AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the United States of America.

Can you require an individual using Accushield Mobile to accept a Consent Form or other document before the QR code is displayed?

Yes, community/facility management can add a customizable document to the app sign-in process requiring an individual to accept a Consent Form and/or other documents before signing in.

Will the app be released in phases?

Yes, the app was initially released for staff members only. Since then, family/guest users have been added. We are currently working on all other Accushield user profiles to create a touchless sign-in/sign-out experience for them as well.

Need more information?

To get more information on Accushield Mobile, please reach out to us at mobile@accushield.com.

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