Are you a health care provider, vendor, or other valuable service provider to a resident in an Accushield partner community?

Let us first say, we appreciate you!

What is Accushield and what does it mean for me?

Senior care communities across the country are contracting with Accushield to manage their sign-in compliance and the credentialing of vendors who work in their communities.

Community owners have the right to set and enforce standards of access for visitors, including the vendors and caregivers who seek to conduct business on their property. In addition, many states and localities have statutes and regulations governing minimum standards of care as well as safety and security requirements for licensed senior living communities. Accushield provides a tool to support communities in their efforts to provide the highest level of care and safety for their residents. Accushield enhances your safety, too!

Competent professional caregivers and vendors appreciate communities with systems that promotes safety and peace of mind for everyone concerned, systems that are commonplace in other vulnerable domains such as child care entities, schools, and hospitals.

Accushield-partner communities require that visitors or vendors who are onsite sign-in and sign-out at the Accushield kiosk.  Once a vendor signs in, he or she has 30 days to submit the credentials required by the community in order to be approved for continued access to the community.

There is a fee associated with the Accushield registration. Please see the Registration Packet for more details.

What is the fee?

The fee is $9/month per individual vendor. The fee provides credentialed vendors with unlimited visits to any Accushield partner community!

What benefits are included in the fee?

The fee covers the cost of collecting, validating and managing your credentials and visit information. If the community performed the same task, they would typically charge the vendor for the expense involved in performing this function.

How do I complete the registration process and become compliant?

1. Sign-in at any Accushield kiosk. Your sign-in is the first step in complying with a community’s policies and indicating that you want to continue to conduct business on their property.

2. Download a registration packet. Click on the preceding link or on the Download Registration Packet button at the top of the Accushield website. Once the Registration Site is visible, select the state in which you do business. Then select the community that you or your employee will be visiting. If you visit multiple communities under common ownership, you can register by choosing a single community and completing the registration process. Your registration will then cover the initial registration for all of the communities in that state under common ownership. Following the community selection, please select either the Agency or Self-Employed Registration Packet option. The correct Registration Packet will then be downloaded for your use.

3. Complete the registration packet and submit the specific credentials and other documentation required by the community. On page 2 of each packet there is a list of requirements specific to the community you visit. Once the registration form and corresponding documentation are complete, you can either email or fax them to Accushield per the instructions included in the packet.

For more answers to frequently asked questions see our FAQ’s or contact us here.