Christ’s Home

The Easy Fix That Saves Lives

Jim McGovern

Chief Operations Officer - Christ's Home

By Susan Saldibar, Senior Living Foresight

Five years or so ago, my husband and I signed up at our church to take a holiday gift basket to a resident of a local senior living community, here in Southern California.

Basket in hand, we walked through the front doors and up to the desk. The receptionist pushed over a clipboard with a photocopied “visitor” sheet attached for us to sign in.

It Wasn’t a Good Look

I’ll be honest. It sort of cheapened the place for me.

Across the country, in Warminster, Pennsylvania, it wasn’t a good look for Jim McGovern either. Jim is the chief operations officer for Christ’s Home, a not-for-profit, faith-based CCRC. One of the first things he did as COO was to replace their outdated paper check-in sheet with Accushield (a Foresight partner).

But little did Jim know that his Accushield visitor management kiosk would end up doing a lot more than correcting a “bad look.” More about that in a minute.

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“Within weeks, [Accushield] intercepted 10 visitors who had 100 degree+ fevers … and COVID.”

Jim McGovern