Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the Accushield Family App Cost?

Please email or ask your community to call Accushield at 800.478.5085.

What if my community does not have Accushield or the Family App?

Please ask community to call 800.478.5085 for information on how to become an Accushield Partner Community.

Can I receive text Alerts when someone comes to visit my loved one’s community?

Yes, Accushield can send a text alert every time a visitor signs into the Accushield community kiosk.  Community management must approve the person before texts or data are sent.  Please visit for more details.

Who has access to the Family App?

The Power of Attorney or anyone that the resident approves in writing.  Approval will need to come from Community Management.

What is the screening and credentialing cost for my loved one's Private-sitter?

In most cases,  the family will cover the cost of the private-sitter and will either pay $99.00 a year or $9.00 a month.

Third-party Care Providers & Vendors

What is the cost to a Outside Care Provider or Vendor?

The charge is $9.00 per month, per individual or a yearly charge of $99.00 per individual.  This charge gives an individual third-party care provider or vendor access to all Accushield Partner Communities.  This can be paid online or by calling 800.478.5085.

How do I get Accushield credentialed? How do I pay?

Do I need to go through the Accushield screening and credentialing process if my company requires these credentials?

Yes.  Each Accushield partner community has asked us to verify, store and manage all third-party credentials.

Who determines what credentials are required?

The community has 100% responsibility for determining your requirements. Accushield has ZERO authority to determine what credentials your community requires.  Like you, we are a vendor working on behalf of our customer.

Are there instructions on the Accushield credentialing process?


Do I have to provide a Social Security Number or Drivers License Number.

No, in fact Accushield will not accept any information with private information included. (i.e. social security number, DL number, etc.)

I work in more than one community – do I need to pay per community?

No, the monthly $9.00 charge covers you in all Accushield partner communities across the United States and Canada.

Does Accushield sell my information to anyone?

No, the information that Accushield retains is only used for the purpose of verifying and credentialing third-party care providers and vendors in senior living communities.

Why do I need a badge and what does it mean?

The Badge indicates to the staff and residents that you have been properly credentialed through Accushield.

I can’t remember my password – how do I retrieve it?

Receive an auto text on the PIN screen if you are standing at the kiosk or call 800.478.5085.

Can all Accushield partner Communities see my information?

No, you choose which facilities can view your submitted data.

I don’t have a computer, so how do I become Accushield credentialed?

There are Registration Packets available at each Accushield Partner Community or call 800.478.5085 and we will email or fax one to you.

What do I need to do to meet the screening and credentialing requirments?

Go to and download and complete the Registration Packet or call 800.478.5085 for further instruction.

What do I do if I am at a community to see more than one resident?

You have the ability to select more than one resident on the Accushield kiosk.

What if an emergency arises and I don’t have time to sign-in?

We understand that situations my happen where signing in could be an issue.  We ask that you tend to the emergency first, but after the situation is under control we ask that you sign-in.