October ’22, What’s New?

October ’22, What’s New?

October ’22, What’s New?

This October, we are thrilled to announce three major updates across the Accushield Platform. These changes include enhanced document management templates, improved visitor communication via SMS text, and continued usability updates on the kiosk and dashboard.

Document Management:

Accushield’s robust vaccine information capture and data reporting are designed to minimize outbreaks this flu season to help you avoid preventable infections in your community.

New Features:

  • Influenza Vaccination Template
  • Covid-19 Fourth Dose

Here are some more details on the Document Management feature.

Accushield Group SMS:

Our focus is geared towards streamlining the communication process by helping your community stay connected with Accushield Group SMS. These added features will make this process easier than ever!

New efficiencies that you’ll have with this update:

  • Checkbox functionality to select custom message receivers
  • Search and identify your target audience across all Accushield visitors types with advanced filtering options
  • Opt-in and opt-out information management

Read more about the Group SMS feature here.

Dashboard and Kiosk:

As a continuation of our user interface redesign, we have updated the Dashboard and kiosk. In the settings area, we have updated the following pages with a new look and feel.

  • Kiosk
  • Buildings
  • Community Logo
  • COVID-19 Question
  • Welcome Message
  • Community Policies
  • Group SMS
  • Sign- In Features
  • Event

Our new usability updates for the kiosk include:

  • Updated Keyboard with new colors
  • New Calendar picker, enter the date or select your date from a calendar
  • Resident Search Improvement

What’s Next for Accushield?

Respirator Fit Test

Respirator Protection is number 2 on the list of the most cited OSHA violations for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. OSHA requires a Respiratory Mask Fit Test during the onboarding of new staff at any nursing homes, assisted living, and other long-term care facilities.

Soon, you will be able to manage your respiratory mask fit program within Accushield.

  • Create a standard RFT program across your organization
  • Easily identify employees due for their annual respirator fit test
  • Remove compliance uncertainty with pre-built, OSHA-approved RFT Qualitative and Quantitative protocols

Group SMS

Future releases will support email, communication templates, advanced filtering, and the ability to view all messaging sent to an individual.


Settings pages that still need to be updated are Health Screening and Alerts, coming soon!

Any feedback on these upcoming concepts? Email us today at ideas@accushield.com