An app for families that want to sign-in faster and

know who is visiting their loved ones.

Easy sign-in

FAST sign-out

Visit Alerts

Monitor visitors

Benefits for Families

Providing the highest resident security and ease of use, Accushield has made it faster for families to sign-in, enjoy peace of mind and stay connected with their loved ones.

VIP Sign-In Process (skip the line)

Open the Accushield Connect app and with just a few taps on your smart phone, bypass the kiosk, and pick up your badge as you walk in.

Automatic Sign-Out

No need to sign-out at the kiosk, one tap on your phone will do it, or if you forget, Accushield Connect will automatically sign you out when you have left the property.

Who is visiting Mom? *coming soon*

Family members with appropriate permissions can receive alerts and ledgers of all visitors. Stay connected and aware of all visitors and third-party care providers from the convenience of their smartphone.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Receive text alerts when third-party care providers and other visitors sign-in to see loved ones. You can coordinate and set reminders with Accushield Connect.

Accushield helps keep your loved ones safe and saves you time.

The Accushield Visitor Sign-in System replaces the paper sign-in logs at entrances to senior living communities. Resident safety is managed as visitors sign in and get a badge. Families and friends can now use a smartphone app for VIP express sign-in to bypass the kiosk and pickup their badge. Third-party care providers and other vendors working in the senior living community will sign-in at the kiosk where their credentials are confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What smartphones can use the Accushield Connect app?

Both: Android phones can find Accushield Connect app in Google Play and iPhones will find it in the App Store.  The app is free to download.

Why should I download the Accushield Connect app?

Family visitors save time and gain efficiency. Sign-in and sign-out at your convenience from your phone. Premium features (coming soon) lets legally authorized people to see a ledger and/or alerts of visits to your loved one.

How does Accushield Connect save time?

Sign-in anywhere, anytime and when you are in Bluetooth range of the printer (usually about 30 feet), your badge will print and be waiting on you, and your sign-in time is updated.   No need to go back to the front-desk to sign-out when leaving.  Exit from the most convenient exit and tap the app to sign-out.  If you forget to sign-out, the app will do it for you when you are more than a mile away from the community.

Is the app secure?

Accushield makes security its highest priority and instantly updating visitor information keeps the communities better informed. Individuals privacy is always protected and only visitors that have pre-registered at a community Accushield kiosk can sign-in on the app.

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