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Sign In & Health Screening Made Simple

Caring for your facility, so that you can focus on caring for your patients.  Since 2013, Accushield has worked to perfect every detail of the sign-in and health screening process for staff, patients, vendors, guests, and others who enter and exit healthcare facilities every day.

The Accushield sign-in and health screening kiosk for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities. Here are some of our most used features:

  • Simplified staff, patient, vendor & guest sign in
  • COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  • Integrated temperature scanning
  • Printed health-verified name badges
  • Sign-in and screening analytics & reporting
  • Touch-free QR code sign in via app
  • Capture & approve COVID-19 vaccination cards
  • Capture & approve medical exemption forms
  • Capture & approve COVID-19 test results
  • Agree to consent forms

Join the 5600+ Healthcare Facilities across the US and Canada that use the Accushield kiosk to sign in and temperature screen every staff member, patient, vendor, and guest who enters and exits their facilities. We work hard to get better every day and pride ourselves in providing the best customer support possible.

Please ask for references – it’s what makes us different!

& Temperature Screening Kiosk

The touchless temperature scanning and health screening kiosk provides a safe and effective tool to track the COVID-related health of all staff, patients, vendors, and guests who enter and exit the building.

  • Touchless forehead temperature scan
  • COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  • Informed Consent and required PPE acknowledgment form
Kiosk with touch-free temperature scanner

Vaccine Card & Test Verification

Facility operators can now use the kiosk to verify proof of a Vaccine Card or Negative Test results.  The COVID Vaccine and Negative test verification approval process can be done in the following ways:

  • Staff, contract workers, and visitors can download the free Accushield Mobile App from the Apple and Google Play Store and upload a copy of their Vaccine Card or Negative Test result
  • The Accushield kiosk can be used to take a photo of a Vaccine Card or Negative Test result giving management the ability to approve or deny the document from their dashboard
  • Facility management can use the Accushield web-based dashboard to directly upload an approved Vaccine Card or Negative Test result document

Customize your screening questionnaire

Operators create a custom screening questionnaire that all staff, patients, vendors, and guests need to complete before finalizing the sign-in process. Optionally, operators can also configure health screening questions as part of the sign-out process.

Touchless sign in with Accushield Mobile

With health safety in mind, Accushield has prioritized the development of an all-in-one touchless sign-in and health screening solution. The system is designed to capture temperatures, ask CDC-recommended COVID-19 screening questions, and store sign-in and sign-out data for staff, patients, vendors, and guests who enter your facility.

Stay informed of any possible contact issues and gain peace of mind knowing that your facility is going the extra mile to keep everyone safe.

Request, verify and track required documents

Quickly and easily collect required health documents to ensure your facility stays safe and healthy. Require proof of a vaccination card, negative COVID-19 test result, or other documents before allowing a person to sign in to your facility.

Facility operators have full control of document requirements, expiration dates, approval process, and status reporting. Document management is fully integrated with the Accushield Mobile app, allowing users to upload and manage required documents.

Automate the visitor informed consent process

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are requiring an informed consent form from patients and visitors acknowledging that they are aware of the risks of exposure to COVID-19 and that they will follow the requirements set by facility management.

Name Badge Vaccine Verification

The Accushield sign-in and health screening kiosk helps management identify the vaccinated individuals in their facility. The checkmark in the upper left-hand corner of the disposable badge means the person has been fully vaccinated.

Visitor Experience Surveys + Google Review Accelerator

Receive valuable visitor experience feedback immediately upon sign out. Simple visit surveys can help improve visitor satisfaction and identify visitor issues that need resolution in real-time by onsite staff. Improve online rankings for your facility by automatically requesting social reviews as visitors sign out.

Record pulse oximetry measurements

As an additional safety measure, capture pulse oximetry measurements during the sign-in process to help identify staff and visitors with low blood oxygen levels and potential respiratory problems or compromised lungs.

Temperature & health screening text ALERTS

The Accushield kiosk gives management the ability to set customized screening text alerts when a staff member, patient, vendor, or guest checks in and does not meet the required temperature and health screening requirements.

  • Elevated staff, patient, vendor and guest temperature alert
  • Failed health screening questionnaire alert
  • Staff member bypasses the Accushield health screening check and clocks-in at the timeclock alert (Kronos integration)
  • Non-permitted (watchlist) visitor alert

Visitor and staff screening dashboard and reporting

The Accushield sign-in and health screening dashboard gives operators the ability to pull real-time health-status reports for every staff member, patient, vendor, and guest who enters the building. Included below are sample health screening reports that are available in real-time via the Accushield Dashboard.

  • Visitor & staff sign-in reports
  • Staff, visitor & patient temperature reports
  • Staff & visitor COVID-19 screening questionnaire reports
  • Patient + visitor interaction reports

Key Features

Sign In and Sign Out

Log sign-in and sign-out data for every staff member, patient, vendor, and guest to analyze who is in the building during specific time frames.

Touchless Sign In with Accushield Mobile

With health safety in mind, the Accushield Mobile app provides a fully touchless sign-in and health screening experience, so germs are not distributed by touching the kiosk screen.

Forehead-Scanning Thermometer

Instantly forehead-scan every person who enters your community as a part of the sign-in process and halt the process if temperatures are above your safety parameters.

Custom COVID-19 Screening

Require customizable health screening questions for everyone that enters and/or exits the community to help manage individuals that show symptoms of COVID-19 or other health concerns.

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Request, track and report on the COVID-19 vaccination status of every individual who enters your community. Individuals can be prompted to respond if they are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, not vaccinated, or that they choose not to disclose.

Document Management

Require proof of a vaccination card, negative COVID-19 test result, or other document before allowing a person to sign in to your facility. Fully integrated with Accushield Mobile app for users to upload and manage required documents.

Visitor Experience Surveys

Satisfaction surveys provide real-time visitor experience feedback as guests sign out; improve online rankings of your community by automatically requesting social reviews.

Health-Verified Name Badge Printing

Make security and safety easier and provide peace-of-mind to patients and staff by providing a visible name badge to confirm sign-in and health screening compliance.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive immediate text notifications and email alerts based on the criteria you set for specific individuals, health screening results, and other areas of concern.

Reporting & Analytics

Whether your focus is health screening, vaccination reporting, contact tracing, or another important goal, all the data you need is immediately available in a user-friendly format.

Community Watchlist

Instantly stop the sign-in process and notify community management and the front desk concierge if a visitor that is not allowed on campus attempts to sign in.

Evacuation Management

In case of an emergency, time is critical. Quickly print an evac report directly from the badge printer, or access an online ledger of all the visitors within the community and the residents who are away.

Question Branching

Create an optional secondary question to follow a yes or no answer to the primary Health Screening questions on your kiosk. The sign-in process can also be terminated on the secondary question based on either a yes or no answer that you set.

Group Messaging

In the event of an emergency or identified contact tracing incident, effective communication is vital. Send group text messages with specific instructions or information to employees that have signed in during a certain time period.

Helping stop the spread of COVID-19 in communities

The sign-in kiosk registers all staff, patients, vendors, and guests entering and leaving the community. The system tracks who a visitor is seeing within the community, allowing at-risk individuals to be identified after being visited by someone with COVID-19.

  • Helps keep out individuals who show symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Helps mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by tracking visitor and patient visit interaction.
  • Helps with mass staff, patient, vendor, and guest communication should there be a COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Helps with COVID-19 messaging (example: the person must agree to wash hands and wear a mask before completing the sign-in process and entering the facility).

Family & Guest Sign In

3rd Party Caregiver Sign In

Staff Sign In

Sign In & Vaccine Verification

Sign In & COVID Test Verification (Mobile App)

Google Review & Survey Accelerator


The Accushield sign-in and health screening kiosk was designed to promote safety, security and health within healthcare facilities.

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