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Did you know that manual, paper-based data logging techniques are directly related to security breaches and operational inefficiencies?

Team Accushield has been working relentlessly to eliminate all manual logging processes at Senior Living Communities by perfecting a system that allows for easy, secure, fully integrated sign-ins and visitor screenings. All the data you need to provide a safer, healthier environment for visitors and residents – accessible within moments when you need it.

At Accushield, we strive to protect those who matter most to you.

Accushield is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for Senior Living Communities. Our most prominent features include:

  • Easy staff & visitor sign in
  • Touch-free QR code sign in via app
  • HIPAA compliant data storage & management
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
  • Agree to consent forms & community policies
  • Health screening questionnaire
  • Temperature scanning
  • Capture & verify medical or compliance docs as a part of sign in
  • Printed health-verified name badges

As industry leaders, we’re a step ahead. Here’s how:

We strive to go above and beyond for our customers – case in point: our decision to support not only our entry management software, but also the physical kiosk hardware, so we can ensure your system is always operating at optimal performance. At Accushield, we view customer support as a top priority. This means that when you call – we answer. FAST.

We stand behind our service-first model and ask you to please visit our Google Review page to hear more from our customers.

New Release | Track Agency Staffing Hours

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a senior living community is keeping up with agency staffing budgets. This is why the Accushield arsenal has been equipped with a new feature that allows you to track hours and collect important information from contract healthcare providers filling shifts at your facility. Bid farewell to those unwanted budget surprises in the form of exorbitant agency spending. Track better, manage faster, and spend smarter – only with Accushield.

  • Log and track agency staffing hours at upon entry and exit
  • Set daily contract log limits
  • Easy collection and management of documents
  • Monitor total agency staffing spend through hourly, daily & monthly logs
  • Determine which service provider is currently in the building filling a shift

Keep seniors safe & secure with Accushield

Digital Sign In/Sign Out

Eliminate the manual, paper-based logbooks

Digitize the process of recording, verifying and logging visitor and staff entry/exit information.

Mobile Application

Our kiosk in the palm of your hand

The mobile app allows you to sign in and complete your screening questionnaire within seconds.

Advanced Dashboard

Fully integrated, real-time reporting

Our Dashboard equips administrators with the ability to pull real-time data and reports. Corporate visibility at its best.

Reputation Accelerator

Autonomous control over your online reputation

Prompt visitors to leave feedback or take surveys when exiting the building. Leverage the power of Google Reviews to amplify online rankings and improve lead generation.

Document Management

Swiftly capture & verify required documents

Healthcare compliance at its best with easy collection and verification of medical or any other documentation required for sign in.

Alerts & Notifications

Vigilant management, quicker responses

Administrators can receive email and text alerts when visitors bypass/fail critical screening questions or when elevated temperatures are recorded.

Group SMS Messaging

Take engagement & communication up a notch

Send targeted and timely SMS text messages to engage any staff or resident; communicate with any visitor type that was in your community at a given time.

Crisis Management

Disaster & emergency preparedness

Evacuation management reporting–via dashboard, mobile or printed at the kiosk–provides a complete list of who is currently in the building to help with emergency evacuation procedures.

Care Insights Report

Know who’s caring for your community

Understand the caregivers serving your community and collect relevant information needed to support industry requirements, including trending of third-party disciplines, routine provider visits, etc.

Agency Staffing Report

Better time & budget management

Engaging the services of staffing agencies can be challenging, and costly. Manage contractor time logs and entry data to help audit staffing invoices and budget staffing costs.

Love Meter Visitation Report

Extra care for the most vulnerable

Keep an up-to-date check on the least visited residents in the community who may be at a risk of experiencing isolation and depression.

Community Watchlist

Better security, safer communities

Keep a keen eye on banned visitors at entry points of the building through customized community watchlists and real-time alerts.

Infection Prevention

Temperature scanning & health screening

Elevated temperatures can indicate an illness. Help mitigate the spread of infections with touchless temperature recording and customizable health screening questionnaires.

Informed Consent Capture

Simplify recording policy consent

Automate acknowledgement of required consent forms and community policies as a simple step in the sign-in process.

Name Badge Printing

Security & identification sorted

Make security and safety easier and provide peace-of-mind to residents and staff by providing a visible name badge to confirm sign-in and health screening compliance.

Data Security & HIPAA

Visitor data protection reimagined

Accushield is one of the very few entry management systems that securely stores all visitor data in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Powering front desk management • Empowering healthcare

The Accushield Dashboard is the nucleus of front desk operations in your community. It is equipped with robust features that allow you to swiftly access reports, data, documents, analytics, and all the information you need to manage visitor entry, security and compliance. From sign-ins to document verification, the Accushield Dashboard streamlines operations for front desk efficiency.

  • Visitor, staff, and resident sign-in reports
  • Document management and verification
  • Agency staffing hourly/daily log reports
  • Resident care reports & analytics
  • Contact tracing & interaction reports
  • Secure data collection with HIPAA-compliant cloud technology

Calculate Your Return on Investment

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Third-Party Care Report

Family & Guest Sign In

Google Review & Survey Accelerator


The Accushield sign-in and health screening kiosk was solely designed for Senior Living, Skilled Nursing, Hospitals, and Healthcare Facilities by operators with decades of experience.

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