Assisted Living / Independent Living / Memory Care / SNF’s

Here’s how Accushield can help make your Community Safer and Smarter:

Your Community Safer:

  • Reduce risk and liability – potential reduced insurance premiums.
  • Digital confirmation listing who is in the community in the case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Enhanced identity awareness – Name badges printed for all visitors.
  • Confirm Healthcare Provider identity via photographic monitoring.
  • Monitor Healthcare Provider activity remotely in real time via the web or mobile app.
  • Increased family satisfaction through real-time confirmation of healthcare provider activity for their loved one.

Your Community Smarter:

  • Data management system to track third-party activity, resident care trends, and other important metrics. (CMS-PBJ compliant)
  • See the least visited residents in your community – LOVE METER APP.
  • Identify residents at risk.
  • Utilize data to support resident care plan meetings.

Accushield replaces the paper sign-in log at the front of senior living communities and in its place utilizes a touchscreen, badge printing kiosk to sign-in families and friends and confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party healthcare providers and other vendors working in senior living communities. (to include: proof of criminal background check, sufficient liability insurance, immunizations, proper training and other industry appropriate credentials)  Accushield reduces risk and liability and increases safety in senior living communities.  Name badges are printed for all visitors, family members and vendors.  Accushield offers a data management system to track third-party activity, resident care trends, and other important metrics. 

In the News:

MANDITORY – Beginning July 1, 2016 – Electronic Staffing Data Submission – Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) – Skilled Nursing Facilities

Section 6106 of the Affordable Care Act requires all Skilled Nursing Facilities to electronically submit direct care staffing information (including Agencies, Vendors and Contract Staff) quarterly based on payroll in an auditable, XML format.

SOLUTION: The Accushield kiosk system can check in and out all Agency, Vendor individuals and Contract Staff that provides direct care to patients in a SNF setting.  Upon sign-in our software will print the individual a specialized name badge confirming sign-in. The Accushield kiosk captures, stores and provides the following up-loadable data in an XML format.

CMS PBJ Policy Manual