Built for Healthcare.
Designed by Frontline Workers.

FACT: 40% of frontline workers in healthcare prefer to work in a gig (or flexible) environment.

Stop paying for over-engineered workforce solutions and start winning back your employees.

  • A simple, mobile-first platform that empowers your team to browse, self-schedule, and accept shifts directly from their phones
  • End-to-end scheduling
  • Automate shift callout to reach staff in seconds
  • A staffing agency marketplace designed to create pricing transparency, competition, and invoice oversight

Ready to solve your shift fulfillment and focus on better care?

All-In-One Shift Fulfillment

Automate your shift callouts
Automate Shift Callouts

Reach staff instantly by sending shift callouts in real-time. Organize and match shifts according to seniority, role or location.

Optimize Scheduling Quickly

Build, manage and access schedules on a single platform. Full visibility over scheduling helps you plan and solve scheduling conflicts.

Empower Staff With Freedom And Flexibility

Give your staff control over their schedules from their own phones to boost shift fulfillment, morale and retention.

Access Qualified On-Demand Staff

Fill shifts with instant access to 20,000+ vetted healthcare professionals in our Care Marketplace.

Keep Your Staff Informed

Share updates and communicate instantly with your whole staff. Use 2-way messaging to stay connected with groups and individuals.

Import/Export Data To Other Systems

Save administrative time with payroll and other integrations. Export and import data to other enterprise software systems.

Flex is supported on Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers. We do not support Internet Explorer or Safari.

Next Generation Time Clock Integration

It’s time you demand more out of your time clock! Introducing the first Time & Attendance + Visitor Management kiosk.

Welcome to the future of time clocks. Your time clock should be more than a way to verify your team’s time and attendance. You deserve a clock-in process that works as hard as you do so you can focus on what matter most – your residents and staff. You deserve a time clock that is accurate and ensures your staff is symptom-free before they start their shift. Last but not least, you deserve the peace of mind knowing you can verify, with a photo, every time a staffing agency provider clocks in and out.

Standard Features:

  • Overtime Calculation
  • Export to Payroll
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Online Time Card Editing
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Mobile App
  • Employee Portal
  • Customized Overtime
  • Mobile GPS Clocking

Stay fully staffed and focused on high-quality care by simplifying and streamlining the scheduling process through an intuitive, all-in-one platform.