“Accushield sets us apart from other senior living providers in that it increases the safety and accountability that we have for healthcare providers, vendors and visitors in our community. Elder Fraud and civil suits are on the rise and the ability to track activity from vendors who meet security and accountability standards is key to reducing client and community exposure to crime, fraud and liability. It raises the bar for proper provision of care to vulnerable residents and is another layer of review for your busy staff. I highly recommend implementation.”
Beth Cayce – CaraVita Home Care, CEO

“Third party providers who serve our guests are a crucial part of our team. We owe it to our guests and their families to ensure that they meet a high standard of credentialing requirements. Accushield helps us do that.”Jeramy Ragsdale – Thrive Senior Living / First & Main, Principal

“I only recommend Accushield certified caregivers to my resident families.”
Cherryl Hylton – Executive Director

“I believe that every third-party healthcare provider that serves a senior resident should met a standard level of credentialing requirements – Accushield helps us accomplish this goal.”  Alex Salabarria – Oaks Senior Living, Owner

Accushield helps give our company greater credibility in the senior living marketplace. It sets us apart for going the extra mile.
Tim Taylor – Southern Companions Home Care, Owner