Accushield provides solutions for

Senior Living Communities, Health Care Facilities, Third-Party Care Providers/Vendors, and Families.

The Accushield Visitor Management System replaces the paper sign-in logs at entrances to Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, and CCRC communities and in their place utilizes a touchscreen, badge-printing Tablet to sign-in families and friends and confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party healthcare providers and other vendors working in senior living communities.

The Accushield system is customizable and can be used to verify that all third-party care providers and vendors have proof of a criminal background check, sufficient liability insurance, negative TB, proper training and other industry appropriate credentials before working with residents in a community.

Senior Living Communities

  • Replace the paper sign-in logs for vendors and other visitors with a touch-screen sign-in tablet
  • View historical and current visitor activity from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Online analytics of all third-parties (including Private-sitters, Home Health, Volunteers, and Hospice Care) and other visitors
  • Name badge printed for each visitor (optional at no extra cost)
  • First-class, high-end community feel
  • Evacuation Management: Evacuation list available on your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Text/email alerts sent when guest arrives at community
  • Visitor and Resident Survey option on tablet when visitor and residents sign-out (coming soon)
  • Customizable screen saver/digital signage with community logo, pictures, and activity calendar (coming soon)

Third-Party Care Providers & Vendors

  • Online verification matching each employee’s current credentials with the community’s requirements at the time of visit
  • Track time and attendance in participating Accushield-partner communities
  • Digital records of visit details for your employees, allowing agencies and other vendor companies to reconcile invoicing or determine market penetration
  • Provides communities with an easy way to get in touch with agency or vendor company employees or management
  • Tracks and verifies marketer activity by community in real-time via Agency Dashboard (coming soon)

Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Replaces the visitor sign-in logs with a touchscreen, sign-in tablet for all visitors, including agency and contract workers
  • Creates online time and attendance reports for agency and contract workers (PBJ)
  • Provides online analytics of Private-sitter, Home Health, Volunteer, Hospice Care, and other visitor activity in the facility
  • Security Camera on Tablet is able to capture visitor photos (optional at no extra cost)
  • Allows facility to require that vendors and third-party providers sign customizable waiver via the sign-in tablet
  • Visitor Evacuation Management from iPhone/Android App: Provides quick access to visitor and resident evacuation lists via computer, smartphone, or tablet