fildena onlineAccushield replaces the paper sign-in logs at the front of Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, CCRCS, and SNF’s and in its place utilizes a touchscreen, badge printing kiosk to sign-in families and friends and confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party healthcare providers and other vendors working in senior living communities.  The Accushield system is customizable and can be used to verify that all third-party care providers and vendors have proof of a criminal background check, sufficient liability insurance, immunizations, proper training and other industry appropriate credentials before seeing residents in a community.
Senior Living Communities / Skilled Nursing Facilites

Sign-in Kiosk that tracks third-party activity, resident care trends, and other important metrics.

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Receive real-time text alert(s) when a visitor or caregiver signs-in to see your loved one in an Accushield Partner community.

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Third-party Care Providers and Vendors

Enable efficient, accurate maintenance of healthcare worker credentials in a centralized cloud database.

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Raising The Bar in Operational Excellence

Accushield gives community managers the tools to know exactly who is in the community at all times and creates easy to read reports based on outside care providers.  These captured analytics can also create individual resident reports, summarizing care hours and trends for each resident.  As well, Our proprietary technology digitally signs-in families and friends while confirming that every third-party healthcare provider and vendor meets community-specific requirements before a temporary badge is printed and entry is granted. The Accushield system verifies that all third-party healthcare providers and vendors have a clear criminal background check, sufficient liability insurance, adequate workers’ compensation coverage, up-to-date immunization records, signed community waivers of liability, and any other credentials required by a community.

In the News:

MANDATORY – Beginning July 1, 2016 – Electronic Staffing Data Submission – Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) – Skilled Nursing Facilities

Section 6106 of the Affordable Care Act requires all Skilled Nursing Facilities to electronically submit direct care staffing information (including Agencies, Vendors and Contract Staff) quarterly based on payroll in an auditable, XML format.

SOLUTION: The Accushield kiosk system can check in and out all Agency, Vendor individuals and Contract Staff that provides direct care to patients in a SNF setting.  Upon sign-in our software will print the individual a specialized name badge confirming sign-in. The Accushield kiosk captures, stores and provides the following up-loadable data in an XML format.

CMS PBJ Policy Manual

Everyday, third-party healthcare providers and vendors work hands-on with your residents and staff. Many of these healthcare providers are unscreened, creating an enormous safety risk for residents and staff, as well as increased liability for owners.  The Accushield system verifies that ALL healthcare providers and vendors have submitted a clear criminal background report, sufficient liability insurance, adequate workers’ compensation coverage, up-to-date immunization records, signed community waivers of liability and any other credentials required by your community.

The Accushield kiosk screens these third-party care providers and vendors upon check-in, digitally confirming the status of their credentials and their exact time in and out of senior living communities. This information is then available to community management and approved resident families in real-time via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Downloadable Family App – Stay Connected to Mom

Monitor care from anywhere…

  • Receive real-time CARE ALERTS on your smartphone letting you know if and when your caregiver signs in and out.
  • Verify that your loved one’s caregivers are properly insured, immunized, and background-checked.
  • Receive a monthly statement for each caregiver, detailing hours spent and care provided.
  • Guard against bill “padding” from caregivers by verifying time records.
  • Utilize Accushield records as back-up verification for medical deductions when filing tax returns.

Business Intelligence

The Accushield kiosk captures valuable information that allows community management to view a number of different data points:

  • MONITOR in real-time the amount of third-party care (Home Care, Home Health, Hospice) utilized by each resident.
  • LOVE METER – The kiosk captures least visited residents.  Isolation and depression go hand and hand.
  • The CORPORATE DASHBOARD gives each community a third-party RISK score based on overall third-party compliance.
  • Sends CARE ALERTS to staff when a care provider misses or is late for a care appointment.
  • Creates an individual RESIDENT DASHBOARD, summarizing care analytics for each resident.
  • Builds RESIDENT DATA for discussion with residents and adult children regarding a transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living.

What People are Saying About Accushield…

Don’t just take our word for it, let our customers do the talking!

“I believe that every third-party healthcare provider that serves a senior resident should meet a standard level of credentialing requirements – Accushield helps us accomplish this goal.”

Alex Salabarria – Oaks Senior Living, Owner

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