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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of credentialing for a third-party care providers and vendors?

A charge of $9.00 per month, per individual vendor, gives a third-party care provider or vendor unlimited access to all Accushield partner communities as long as the community’s requirements are met.

Why do third-party care providers and vendors pay a monthly fee?

The fee is for the collection, validation and management of their credentials and visit information, based on the community’s requirements for safety and security. If the community performed the same task, they would typically charge the vendor for the expense involved in performing this function.

Do I need to go through the Accushield credentialing process if my company already requires this?

Yes. Each Accushield partner community has asked us to verify, store and manage all third-party credentials to ensure that their specific requirements are met.

Do I have to provide my social security number or drivers license number?

No, in fact Accushield will not accept any documentation with private information included (i.e. social security number, DL number, etc.)

Why do I need a badge and what does it mean?

The badge validates for staff and residents that you are compliant with the community’s requirements and policies and that you have signed in using the Accushield Visitor Management System.

What if an emergency arises and I don’t have time to sign-in?

We understand that situations may occur where signing in could be an issue. We ask that you tend to the emergency first, but after the situation is under control, please sign-in so that all records are complete and so you are accounted for in the case of a community emergency.