Accurate Data and Complete Compliance with NHSN HCP COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

Accurate Data and Complete Compliance with NHSN HCP COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

We know that managing data for compliance can be a full-time job, keeping you and your staff from focusing on delivering quality patient care. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC began requiring the collection of COVID-19 vaccination data for Healthcare Personnel (HCP) through the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) for long-term care facilities. State and federal regulations require facilities to not only gather and manage data on a daily basis but to also report the data weekly or risk civil monetary penalties and a possible reduction to their Quality Star Rating. While COVID-19 vaccination data is a relatively new reporting requirement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, long-term care facilities aren’t unfamiliar with NHSN reporting as facilities are required to report influenza data each year.

Our recent collection of customer feedback has revealed challenges in data collection and accuracy resulting from the expectation of staff to manage this data while still delivering high quality care. This situation is critical as state and federal survey teams become more stringent in their compliance reporting.

As an industry ally committed to improving workflows for clinicians and providers, we’re excited to announce three major updates to the Accushield Document Management solution designed to improve data accuracy, management, and efficiency.

Healthcare/ Service Provider “Service Types”

To enhance data accuracy and management, we’ve modified our list of Healthcare/Service Providers “Service Types” to include more specific options that align with CMS criteria, enabling accurate data collection for NHSN reporting needs and more.

On sign in, healthcare providers will see an expanded list of services to choose from. Accushield will then group service types into their proper categories for compliance reporting. We continue to refine our document and data collection to be more efficient and meet our customers’ safety and compliance needs.

Replicas of NHSN Healthcare Personal Tracking Log and Cumulative Summary Reports

HCP COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Log

The HCP COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Log enables administrators to review all entries to the facility over a selected week period and view each individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. This log will show all entries including repeat entries from the same individual.

HCP COVID-19 Vaccination Cumulative Summary

The HCP COVID-19 Vaccination Cumulative Summary will report all HCP who entered the building over the course of the selected week into their respective vaccination categories. The distinction here is that this report will show every person who entered the building only once regardless of how many times they signed in. This page will have two versions of the report users can download. One version is a stylized report with a matrix display of the various HCP categories in the vertical columns contrasted with the various vaccination statuses on the left. The other version of the report is for downloading and uploading to the NHSN – it only has one row of data showing counts of all the various column labels given by the NHSN.


So what’s next?

Importing and exporting COVID-19 vaccination data is in the works, and we are looking at expanding document management requirements.

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