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Like Hospitals, many senior living owners and operators are becoming increasingly concerned with the safety risk and liability associated with un-screened/un-credentialed third-party healthcare providers and vendors (i.e. Private-duty, Home Health, Hospice, etc.) that stream in and out of communities and work hands-on with vulnerable residents and staff.

Statutes and regulations governing assisted living providers set minimum standards of care that include a duty to monitor resident care needs and respond to those needs. Failure to meet regulatory standards can be considered presumptive evidence of negligence. And actual standards of care, based on customs and practices in the field, are likely to be higher than the regulatory minimums. Because of their special relationship with their residents, assisted living providers also have a heightened duty to protect them from harm, and to intervene to prevent foreseeable injury by a third party who is allowed to be on the premises.

To address this industry-wide concern, Accushield has created a touchscreen, badge-printing Tablet to automate the sign-in process and confirm receipt of required credentials (i.e. criminal background check, liability insurance, immunizations, etc.) from third-party health care providers and other vendors working in senior living communities.

By removing the paper sign-in clipboard from the front of the community and replacing it with the innovative Accushield touchscreen kiosk, senior living communities add a layer of protection for residents and staff while minimizing risk and potential litigation.