Introducing the Accushield Mobile Family App

Does Your Loved One’s Senior Living Community Offer the Accushield Mobile Family App?

The Accushield Family APP can send text messages when visitors and third-party healthcare providers visit your loved one in a community.

Example: Let’s say your mother lives in a senior living community.  She needs additional care from an outside Agency or private-sitter, unfortunately you can’t be there to monitor the Private-sitters activity and attendance.  The Accushield Family App gives you peace of mind knowing when your care provider checks-in to the community and checks-out of the community.

The Accushield Family App gives you:

Immediate Information: Receive notifications regarding caregivers and visitor activity.

  • Exact date and time caregiver signed in to care for your loved one – ex. Saturday, November 17th, 2014 – 1:07 PM
  • Picture of the individual signing in
  • Name and cell number of caregiver administering care – ex. JULIE SESSIONS, RN – 404.308.2398
  • Name of the company that is administering care – ex. ABC HOME HEALTH
  • Exact time caregiver signed out – ex. Saturday, November 17th, 2014 – 1:47 PM
  • An EMERGENCY alert will be sent to you when a caregiver doesn’t  show up on time.

Monthly Information:  Receive a detailed monthly accounting statement based on number of hours spent caring for your loved one.

  • Verify time records against billing statements provided by caregivers and home health companies.
  • Guard against “bill-padding” from outside caregivers (Private-sitter, Home Care, Home Health, Hospice)
  • Utilize AccuShield records as a back up verification for medical deductions on your itemized schedule A when filing a 1040 tax return

Credential Confirmation:  Know if each caregiver that cares for your loved one has clear criminal and sex offender background checks, up-to-date immunizations and is properly licensed.

Accushield provides your family with peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being properly cared for. We monitor care from anywhere. You can receive real-time alerts on your smart phone letting you know if and when your caregiver signs in and out to visit your loved one. Verify that your loved one’s caregivers are properly insured, immunized, and background-checked. Receive a monthly statement for each caregiver, detailing hours spent and care provided. Guard against bill “padding” from caregivers by verifying time records. You can utilize Accushield records as back-up verification for medical deductions when filing tax returns.