Replace the paper sign-in books at the front desk with a Visitor and Staff sign-in system that can screen for COVID-19 related symptoms




Analytics &


Use the Accushield kiosk to sign-in and screen visitors and staff for Coronavirus (COVID-19) related symptoms. The Accushield kiosk allows communities to ask Coronavirus related questions and record the temperature of each person that signs in. If the person signing-in selects “yes” to one of the questions a text message is sent to the Manager on site.

Community Visitor Reports

Our web-based Visitor Reports give community operators real-time information regarding visitors, third-party caregivers, and residents.

Online visitor ledger

The online visitor ledger gives communities an easy way to see the visitors that are in the building and the residents that are away.

Third-party caregiver and vendor analytics

The Accushield dashboard gives community management an easy way to create resident care reports based on analyzing Private-duty Caregivers, Home Health, and Hospice activity.

Credentialing analytics

Verifying that third-party caregivers and vendors have clear criminal backgrounds and other required credentials has never been easier. The Accushield Dashboard shows you which third-party caregivers have submitted required credentials and have been verified by the Accushield credentialing experts.

Evacuation management

IN AN EMERGENCY, TIME IS EVERYTHING AND SO IS THE ABILITY TO KNOW WHO’S IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Community managers can quickly access an online ledger of the visitors in the community and the residents that are away.

Accushield features unique to senior living

Instantly print name badges

Print custom name badges for every visitor who enters your community.  The badge printing option provides increased awareness of who is in your community, and in turn, creates a safer environment to live and work.

Visitor reporting and analytics

The Accushield visitor sign-in system allows communities to track, analyze, and create reports based on the care delivered to residents by outside agencies and self-employed private care providers.

Credential outside care providers and vendors

The Accushield system gives communities a simple way to verify that third-party healthcare providers and other vendors have met industry-specific credentialing requirements (i.e. clear criminal background, insurance, TB screening, etc.)

Visitor photos

The Accushield visitor sign-in system uses the built in tablet camera to capture visitor photos. Management can quickly access these photos via the Community Dashboard.

Text or email notifications

The Accushield sign-in system can send a text message or email when visitors sign in to meet with a community staff member. COMMUNITY WATCH LIST: A text or email can be sent if a person that is banned from the community signs-in.

Community tour tracker

Capture, Track, and Record every community tour following a prospective resident’s sign-in on the Accushield tablet. Designated community staff (ex. Sales and Marketing) can be notified via text or email automatically when a walk-in tour visits the community.

Evacuation management

IN AN EMERGENCY, TIME IS EVERYTHING AND SO IS THE ABILITY TO KNOW WHO’S IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Community managers can quickly access an online ledger of the visitors in the community and the residents that are away.

Love Meter

The Accushield visitor sign-in system tracks the least visited residents in your community. This simple data point allows your community to better manage and love the residents that may feel abandoned and isolated due to a lack of outside visitation.

Community watchlist

The Accushield visitor sign in system can instantly notify senior living community management and the front desk concierge if a visitor that is not allowed on campus signs-in.

Accushield partner communities

Tusted by hundreds of senior living communities across the United States and Canada

NEW FEATURE: Use the Accusheild sign-in kiosk to record the temperature of all visitors and staff members

Frequently asked questions

What sets Accushield apart from other Visitor Management Sytems?

The Accushield visitor management system has the capability to screen and credential third-party healthcare providers (i.e. Private-duty aids, Home Health, and Hospice) and other vendors. As well, Accushield is focused solely on the senior living industry and was developed by community operators.

How much does the Accushield sign-in system cost?

Communities vary significantly in size and care levels, we ask for 10 minutes to understand your needs so we can quote you our best available pricing.

Does namebadge tape come with the Accushield purchase?

Yes, namebadge tape comes with the Accushield purchase.

Does Accushield offer a non-credentialing visitor sign-in system?

While we wholeheartedly believe in credentialing all third-party healthcare providers and vendors in senior living communities we do offer a more basic sign-in system that does not credential.

How many Accushield sign-in tablets do I need in my community?

Most of our customers place an Accushield sign-in tablet at main entrances to their community.

Does the Accushield system credential families & friends?

The Accushield visitor sign-in system is not designed to credential families and friends. We believe the greatest risks to the residents reside with third-party healthcare providers and vendors that provide service in private resident areas.

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