The Three Skills SNFs Must Learn to Harness Their Data

The Three Skills SNFs Must Learn to Harness Their Data

By Jack Silverstein, Skilled Nursing News

The future of heath care and skilled nursing rests in the hands of caregivers — caregivers powered by the best data insights the industry has ever had. From the patient experience and workplace culture to operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, when used the right way, data plays a critical role in facilitating care delivery.

Through data insights, SNFs can address many of their biggest operational, compliance and care challenges, says TK King, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Accushield, which replaces manual paper processes with tablet-based kiosks and a mobile app to capture health screening, visitor logs, document capture, visit and staff feedback and more for anyone who enters a SNF, including all residents, third-party caregivers, staff and visitors.

But data brings its own challenges.

“A significant issue that most skilled nursing providers face with regards to data is the amount of data they’re collecting, and using it in a meaningful way that promotes operational efficiencies, quality of care or just general compliance with state or federal regulations,” King says.

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