Track Agency Staffing Hours

Track Agency Staffing Hours

Agency Staffing is one of the most talked about issues for corporations at budgeting meetings, and not always for the most pleasant reasons. While agencies provide resources in a timely, organized manner, and even on demand, there is no denying that they do cost much more. However, healthcare facilities, these days, aren’t often left with much of an option than to rely on agencies due to the shortage of frontline workers since the pandemic took over the world.

Challenges associated with Agency Staffing

Some of the most prominent challenges that come with using the services of staffing agencies, especially for senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities, include:

  • Security: Knowing when contractors have entered or exited the building
  • Time Tracking: Agency workers are required to log hours on a daily basis which must be tracked accurately to meet Human Resource budgets
  • Healthcare Compliance: Ensuring, for the safety of community residents, that CMS compliance regulations and staffing ratio requirements are being met

Accushield equips you with an Agency Staffing update

Accushield has been working on a feature that addresses these pain points. We understand that meeting staffing requirements for your facility can be both challenging and costly.

With our latest release, you can now actively monitor shifts and the hours covered by external staffing providers in real-time. This enables you to see specifically who is coming into the building to fill a shift and verify those invoices. This update lays the foundation for advancing your data collection and in the future you will have access to additional Agency Staffing Insights through the Accushield Dashboard.

In the near future. . .

Here is what you will be able to do with future releases of the Agency Staffing feature from Accushield:

  • Gain clarity on annual budgeting and know exactly how much money is being spent on Staffing Agencies
  • Corporate-level reporting and view of all operations
  • Community administrators retain the authority to verify and approve billed hours
  • Community administrators can set a limit on the number of hours a contract worker can log in per day
  • Clearer view of total amount spent per month, or per year of Agency skilled workers
  • Ability to address staffing shortages more efficiently


Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and health/safety compliance via automation and reporting.